Summer’s Rain

It was over 100 degrees today. It was miserable all day.  I rode my bike, briefly, and then I watered the garden.  There was the Zoom meetings and the thought of school being opened that filled my time for the rest of the hot day. 

About 7pm, I received a text from a friend that there was a musical performance at the monument in honor of Elijah McClain.  I jumped up, grabbed my gear and bolted out the door.  It was a very organized event with some very talented local musicians.  There were violins, cellos, and beautiful people. It was wonderful and it was peaceful.

Elijah was a musician. He also, played the violin. He was just a kid when he died.  His life really was just beginning.  I didn’t know about him until recently. I have been following his story ever since.  I could feel the energy around me. I know that this young man will not be forgotten.

As I walked from the Lee Monument, streaks of lightening filled the sky.  It was beautiful and it was dramatic!  The thunder roared, and it began to rain.  I paused and looked up and let the rain hit my face. After, about ten hot days, finally rain came, and I thought about Elijah.

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